5 Signs You Need AC Repair

There are many signs that indicate it is time to pick up the phone and call a professional for AC repair service. With the blazing Fort Myers heat striking down, you certainly do not want to be without the cool comforts this unit provides for very long. Here are five signs that you need professional ac repair Fort Myers FL.

ac repair Fort Myers FL

1- If the A/C unit is making loud, unusual noises, there are many reasons that could be the culprit. But, you shouldn’t attempt to diagnose the trouble on your own. Instead, call the professionals!

2- When the A/C isn’t putting out cool air but instead warm air, turn the unit off and make the call. It could be a problem as simple as the need for freon or it could be something far more serious.

3- The A/C unit isn’t cooling all of the rooms in the house? It could be due to a system that is too small for the house. On the other hand, it can also be a range of other problems that an expert can repair.

4- Are there puddles of water building on the inside or outside of the unit? Condensation is normal on the outside of the unit, but shouldn’t pile up, nor should you see water inside. Call a professional immediately if you notice such a problem.

5- If the A/C unit in your house is old and outdated, an update can benefit you considerably. The new, energy-efficient models save you money, provide more comfortable cooling, and offer a ton of additional benefits.

These are five reasons to pick up the phone to get your estimates to get professional A/C repair service. Do not delay that call and suffer through the heat longer than you should when it takes one call to change it all back to a cool situation again.